Abhyaasa Prathidinam

Abhyaasa Prathidinam means Practice every single day! Yoga is not an exercise that you follow for a day or two and quit. Yoga requires consistency in order to see the desired results. Devoting your time to practice yoga each day is what helps bring about transformation.

At Aikia Yogashala, you practice with the right group of people, always, setting new goals and taking you to new heights, all under the able guidance of the instructors who are a constant source of motivation.

As mentioned a couple of times, consistent practise of yoga can change life entirely, for the best.

Beginners Yoga

Are you new to yoga? You’re likely to have lots of questions. We can answer them all, but first, don’t worry about whether or not yoga is the right choice for you. Because irrespective of age, gender, race or any other factors, yoga is for everyone.

Spending a valuable 1 hour on your yoga mat to experience the physical and mental benefits is a good way to stay healthy. Regular yoga practice can improve muscle strength, promote good posture, increase balance, and help flexibility.

It can also boost your immune system and reduce your risk of symptoms related to chronic health conditions. 

In these trying times, yoga is the one sure way to achieve balance of the mind, body and spirit, strengthening all aspects of it and leading a stress free, healthy life.

Weight loss Program

Yoga is most certainly the best choice for weight loss as it balances and maintains a healthy body, resulting in effective fat loss. Following the right practices of authentic Yoga, taught by Aikia’s professionally trained teachers, who combine Yoga practices with diet and overall well being, will eventually help you achieve your fitness goals.

Aikia’s weight loss yoga program is designed for helping lose excess weight and to build a healthy body. 

We structure this program with an appropriate diet plan and detox techniques. Aikia Yogashala’s program is not just a weight loss program as this program is also designed to make your lifestyle incredible through yoga and a healthy diet.

Kids Yoga

Children spend most of their time shuffling between school and homework (sometimes even after-school coaching) and school-related extracurricular activities. With so much pressure and hardly any leisure, they face distractions; academic and peer pressure and even anxiety very early in life.

Yoga develops awareness of the body, mind and breath and helps calm a child’s wandering mind. Yoga plays a major part in improving memory and cognitive skills, developing self-acceptance, reducing stress and anxiety, and increasing positive mental attitude. It can improve focus, academic performance and overall behavior of the children.

Highlights of the session

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga helps build stamina, relieves pain in areas such as – neck, shoulders, and back which is caused due to pregnancy. It helps increase circulation, in turn reducing swelling and improves immunity. Controlled breathing can keep your blood pressure in check and keep you stress-free and calm, helping you have a more beautiful journey during your pregnancy, right up until labour. 

Aikia Yogashala’s prenatal yoga focuses mainly on positions that are specifically designed for the bodies of pregnant women. Our prenatal yoga emphasizes breathing, stretches and strengthening moves that help your body prepare for labor. 

The goal of GarbhaSamskara is to ensure a healthy & happy motherhood during pregnancy & a healthy baby at the end of pregnancy. The first 280 days in the mother’s womb has the utmost bearing on the future mental and physical health of the child as we pass more milestones while in the womb than after being born.

Prenatal yoga is the most ideal low-impact fitness routine to start when you’re expecting, even if you’re not used to regular work out sessions.

Highlights of the session

Meditation Sessions

Yogis have been practicing dhyana (meditation) for thousands of years. Recent research has proved that meditating regularly changes the brain waves and thought process for the better.

Simple guided meditations are offered in these sessions by trained yoga gurus to practice meditation that disciplines the fluctuations of the mind so that we experience sharper focus, confidence, creativity, problem solving and reduced stress in our daily lives.

Meditation brings balance to life and relieves stress – helping a person evolve spiritually and mentally. Since meditation helps calm the mind, it gradually even brings a glow to the skin, making you look calmer, and brighter. 

Teachers Training

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु र्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः

गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

Derived from Sanskrit, gu means “darkness”, ru means “remover”. Therefore, a guru or a teacher is known to show you the path of light. Since Guru leads to a path of light, a teacher is someone who is equal to God. Thus, as a realized soul, Guru is the embodiment of Lord Brahma, the ultimate Godhead.

AIKIA yogashala’s in-depth training is a well-designed course for students to find themselves in a healthy state of mind and stronger body with dynamic asana. There are two main purposes to learn this training – either to get an in-depth training in the yogic practices or to turn it into a career. Techniques of this theory help evolve your yoga lifestyle, along with extensive training on Therapy Yoga to recover.

This course is clearly distinguished with the understanding of teaching for all age groups, and helps build the immune system to manage the various diseases.

We are known for achieving high standardized yoga teaching with an interactive and comprehensive curriculum that covers all the aspects of Yoga.

Highlights of the session

Senior Citizens Yoga

Who said yoga is only for the young ones? AIKIA Yogashala helps cultivate a mind-body connection by combining safe stretching, strengthening and deep breathing techniques. It is an excellent way to keep your back supple, joints pain-free and mind stress free – because what else does one need after the age of 60? 

As we grow older, the efficiency of the immune system starts to deteriorate, paving the way for the contraction of various diseases. Regular practice of yoga techniques such as asanas, pranayama and meditation, etc., can help increase the body’s strength and immunity. Yoga can help make your life happier and more fulfilling as well.

Yoga is specially designed for the elderly is specifically designed after much research, keeping in mind the limitations of the body. 

Highlights of the session

Yoga Therapy

The chatter in our minds is so loud that sitting in silence is nearly impossible, and sitting still in silence is a must during meditation. Yoga therapy is that which uses yoga postures, breathing exercises, and/or guided imagery to improve overall mental and physical health. 

Yoga therapy is most commonly used for the treatment of knee pain, shoulder pain, neck and back aches. It is also effective in treating chronic issues like – diabetes, blood pressure, depression, PCOS etc. Yoga therapy is an effective treatment of substance abuse issues. 

Pranayama Sessions

The word Pranayama consists of two words – Prana (life force) and Ayama (regulation or lengthening). Pranayama is the technique of regulating breath. The regulation of breath has innumerable benefits and has been proven to cure and heal many diseases. 

Earlier pranayama was practised only by yogis who had years of experience in different asanas. Now, research has shown that Pranayama can be practiced by anybody, as it offers many health and spiritual benefits. It increases the capacity of oxygen intake and reduces symptoms of asthma, stress, and other similar disorders. 

Regular and consistent practice of Pranayama brings about the awareness of the breath, calms the mind, and ensures mental clarity. 

Personal Yoga Sessions

Personal yoga sessions are not the ‘one size for all’ kind. They’re perfectly designed specifically for each individual. The schedule for personal yoga sessions are completely curated and designed according to the clients’ requirements. Our teachers do their best to make sure it’s a holistic approach to the wellbeing of the mind and the body.