Come AIKIA with us!

Turn your passion into a rewarding and fulfilling profession

Set your foundation as a Yoga Teacher in just 120 days!

• Monetize your passion & skill into revenue

• Learn the age old tradition of yoga practices

• Transform your health and say goodbye to ailments

• Reverse your age by learning the secrets of meditation

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We are known for achieving high standardized Yoga teaching with an interactive and comprehensive curriculum that covers all the aspects of Yoga. 

Unlock the secrets of achieving asanas

Detox your body with kriyas and pranayama

Learn the psychology behind yoga sutras

Meditate to self-realization

Assimilate the teachings of Bhagavad Gita

100+ Graduated Students

4.9 Star Google Reviews

Qualified Experienced Teachers

Accredited with Yoga Alliance

All the teachers and students of AIKIA Yoga have come together to form a Yoga Family that supports one another on the path of growing, sharing, and making lives beautiful for each one of us.

Start earning as a Yoga Teacher in just 120 days!

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Why Yoga Teachers’ Training Course?

Yoga Teacher Training is more than just gaining knowledge about yogic practices – It is a beautiful way of life.

• Prevent the onset of various ailments

• Learn the aspect of peaceful living

• Discipline the mind, body and spirit

• Build strength and confidence through physical abhyaasa such as asanas, pranayama, kriyas, etc

• Learn how to lead a Sattvik life and reduce all fluctuations of the mind

• Find your purpose in life

• Detox your body and mind


• Learn from certified expert Yoga teachers

• Become a Yoga teacher just like our 100+ graduated teachers who are working with leading fitness providers

• 300+ hours of practice sessions and theory

• Internship opportunities

• Post course assistance

• Lifetime access to free e-course

• Lifetime access to Yoga Teachers community

• Accredited with Yoga Alliance

• Free access to workshops*

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After TTC with AIKIA

Quality education with better Clarity on Yogic Practices

Transform your life physically and mentally

Become a certified Yoga Teacher

Teach Yoga to your Family and friends

Kick start your career as a yoga teacher

Assistance with freelance/setting up your own studio

Reviews from our former students


If you’re looking for more information about AIKIA Yogashala’s Yoga Teachers’ Training Course outline, highlights, etc., please check the PDF by clicking on the above link.  

Do the following questions bother you?

Can I teach confidently after the course?

How will I get clients?

Is the accreditation globally recognized?

I have PCOS/Thyroid. Will it get better?

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