Wondering how to keep your kids engaged this summer?

A yoga camp is the perfect choice to make! Help them improve their physical and mental health and be ready to go back school

The kids have been attending classes online for almost 2 years and going back to school after such a long time can be overwhelming. 

Children are sure to feel nervous or reluctant to return to school, especially if they have been learning at home for months.

Now is the perfect time to engage your kids and utilize this summer the right way before they get back to school. 

Yoga Asanas | Chanting and Learning of Slokas | Breathing Exercises | Theme based stories | Journaling | Eco-friendly Activities & Mindfulness crafts | Theme based fun team activities | Visit to the goshala & much more

For Ages 7-13 yrs

Should kids do Yoga?

When should kids start Yoga?

Why do kids need Yoga as much as we do?

Today’s kids, from preschoolers to teenagers, are under enormous pressure to strive and accomplish in a society that can feel difficult, overwhelming and competitive. 

Yoga and mindfulness are powerful tools for teaching your young ones how to overcome the physical, mental, and emotional impacts of stress.

At AIKIA Yogashala’s Kids Yoga summer camp, you’ll find yoga & mindfulness, creative art, and other fun practices to build character, citizenship, environmental awareness, and compassion for others.

Although we have yoga sessions for kids throughout the year, summer is our FAVORITE time to teach them yoga!

Activities include:

Benefits of Yoga for children:

Each day’s schedule

11:00 am – 12:00 pm: Yoga Class

12:00 pm – 12:15 pm : Sloka learning

12:15 pm – 12:30 pm: Storytelling

12:30 pm – 1:00 pm: Fun, educative activities

Yoga sessions include warm up, asana practice and pranayama & guided meditation to end the session.

Sloka learning includes chanting and recitation of Sanskrit slokas

Storytelling is based on topics such as acceptance, compassion, gratefulness, respect, love, trust, confidence, kindness, manners, humanity, gratitude, patience etc

Activities include games that are based on the above topics as well as creativity and team activity.

Journaling is also a part of daily activities.

All the activities have been carefully and thoughtfully curated to help the kids gain and improve self confidence while encouraging self love and self care.

Benefits of Journaling for kids:

Teachers: Ruchika Reddy & Chandra Krishna

Both our kids’ yoga teachers are well experienced, learned and passionate when it comes to teaching little ones yoga. The children will also be taught a couple of breathing techniques that will help them deal with their emotions and reduce their everyday stress.

Ruchika Reddy

Advanced level certified yoga instructor

Ruchika loves teaching yoga because it gives her a chance to make a difference in someone’s life, which goes far beyond our knowledge every single day! She enjoys teaching kids as they are the most inspiring group of learners in her opinion. Ruchika finds that children are so much fun to be around, they’re always happy and are always excited to learn new things. Gifting  these little children the abundance of yoga and watching the benefits slowly unfold is very a blissful and fulfilling feeling for her. 

Chandra Krishna

Advanced level certified yoga instructor

He has been teaching yoga to kids for over 2 years now. He adores their enthusiasm and creativity and believes that teaching them and being around children brings out the child in him. Chandra is always inspired by the effort that the kids put into trying new things and the struggles that some of them overcome. His way of teaching them yoga is a simple, step-by-step method, paired with loads of fun to keep them engaged throughout the sessions. Sometimes he also tries to connect with the little ones through moral stories.

Testimonials from the previous camp

Arts and creative classes, activities and games, as well as an organized day trip to the local goshala are all part of the camp. Most of the activities planned are eco-friendly like planting, recycled art, natural dyeing of cloth, clay molding & so much more.

Seats are limited, so sign up early!