Get your body ready for delivery with prenatal yoga

Drop all your excuses for not starting prenatal yoga and embark on your transformational journey with the best prenatal yoga teachers.

Allow AIKIA to be your yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and wellness advisor.

Prenatal yoga is a much gentler, pregnancy-friendly form of yoga that emphasizes the strengthening of the back, breathing techniques and building of stamina which are all vital during pregnancy as well as after childbirth. Prenatal yoga is the most ideal low-impact fitness routine to start when you’re expecting, even if you’re not used to regular workout sessions.

AIKIA Yogashala’s prenatal yoga focuses mainly on positions that are specifically designed for the bodies of pregnant women. Our prenatal yoga emphasizes breathing, stretches and strengthening moves that help your body prepare for labour.

The goal of GarbhaSamskara is to ensure healthy & happy motherhood during pregnancy & a healthy baby at the end of pregnancy. The first 280 days in the mother’s womb have the utmost bearing on the future mental and physical health of the child as we pass more milestones while in the womb than after being born.

Reduce Risk Factors During Pregnancy like Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Gestational Diabetes, Low Placenta, Thyroid, Urinary Tract Infection, Pre-term Delivery


Highlights of the session

Trimester wise asanas

Guided Meditation

Mantra & Chanting

Foetal Talk

Diet Tips

Pranayama & Yoga Nidra

What is Foetal Talk?

Talking to the Fetus in the womb in a gentle and relaxed manner

Why is Foetal Talk Important?

A fetus in the womb can hear external sounds from the 5th month

Unborn babies clearly respond to different vibrations and sounds with changes in their heart rate or movement patterns and are particularly responsive to the sound of their mother’s voice

Learn from the expert

Namita Sudarshan


Foundation for the social and emotional development of the baby

Language and emotional skill development of the baby

Connecting with the baby emotionally


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