Gita Jayanti – 2022



This day (Margashira Shukla Ekadashi), a few thousand years ago, the battlefield at Kurukshetra was all set to witness Dharma Yudha (battle to uphold right values). It was this same day, that the Lord Krishna bestowed Arjuna with words of wisdom (Bhagavad Gita), urging him to stand up for Dharma (right values), when Arjuna was overwhelmed by his emotions. The day when Gitopadesha was given by the lord himself, to Arjuna. And hence the day is rightly called Gita Jayanti.


While Hindus revere it to be the most sacred teaching from the lord himself, the harsh truth is, not many read it! In the busy lives we lead, we hardly have time to pick a big fat book in a language most of us aren’t well versed, and read through the translations. Understandable. In this age of ‘Shorts and Reels’, it would have been easier if someone could just say it in few words, or maybe as 2 minutes video!

Moreover, common misconception is, it is meant for the older folks, it is for spiritual seekers, it is all about giving up pleasure, so on and so forth!

Giving up pleasures?? On the contrary, it’s all about finding the happiness! A permanent one at that. How about living that happiness every day – as a way of life? That’s what Bhagavad Gita is all about. It teaches all about how to live the life, so what then is the point of reading it after growing old!


What’s in Bhagavad Gita? Why should I read it?

In this overly competitive era, an age where misinformation spreads faster than right information, an age where exaggeration is common practice, an age where technology and luxuries are improving but quality of life is taking a back seat, do you feel –

Stressed out every day?

Anxiety is taking you over?

Depression is haunting?

Bhagavad Gita has clear and precise details about the cause for such emotions, and right way out of these.


Why are people around me, not as good as me?

Why are people good or bad? What influences their thinking and actions?

How do I steer clear of all this good, bad and ‘in between’ mess?

Typical questions we all have, when we are in trouble! Sure, the Lord answers it all without leaving any room for any doubt!


How to live a mindful life in this society?

How do I not get disturbed by varied incidents happening around me?

Worried about what will our children grow up to be, given the current happenings around you?


Are you curious about this world, our existence in the context of this world, why we are here and so on?

Are we really here to just be an engineer or doctor, or whatever profession we are in?

What is the right way to live, in harmony with nature of which we’re a part?

Ah, the right questions all should have, so we don’t abuse each other, or also the nature – a prevalent problem that’s dealt with in international levels! Bhagavad Gita beautifully explains all these too!


Emotional well being and self development is the central theme of this entire book. Are these two things not applicable to anyone?

Emotions are central to everyone’s life, in fact shaping our lives. Hardly we are thought how to deal with emotions anywhere – be it good or bad.

So is self development – necessary to all, but we hardly spend time to understand what it takes, let alone imbibing such practices.


What next?

If these are not still inspiring you to pick Bhagavad Gita and start reading, here’s something that might interest you.

We are planning for a series of blogs, giving a short summary of each chapter on a regular basis. This won’t be a 2 minute Short or Reel, but we’ll try to keep it under 5 minutes read! This is our sincere endeavour, to trigger your interest levels to pick Bhagavad Gita and start reading!

A note of caution – while we can watch highlight of a cricket match and get a near equal enjoyment of watching entire match, that is NOT the case with Bhagavad Gita. Reading just a summary from anyone will hardly give you the real experience of reading through all the beautiful concepts that the lord explains with all their nuances.

So our real objective is only to motivate you to begin reading the book.

Praying to Lord Krishna that he gives us the strength to complete this successfully, and also have the intended impact on you all!


Looking forward to seeing you all regularly in this section of our website!


Sarvam Krishnarpanamasthu!