“Yoga”, the union of an individual self with the universal self is hindered by the fallacies lingering around in today’s world making its space in the minds of those who have a desire to experience this beautiful journey.


Here are few of the most common misconceptions:

1. Yoga is just a physical fitness program like other forms of exercises.

Verity: The word “yoga” stands for the union of body, mind and soul. It helps embark a balance between the physical and mental well-being. Apart from strengthening the physical alignment, it also rejuvenates the physiology of body and mind.


2. Flexibility is a pre-requisite to sow the seeds of yoga practise.

Verity: Sow the seeds of dedication and patience, flexibility will find its way to you through the course of yoga practise. Yoga is aimed at overcoming the limitations of the body, one of which can be flexibility.


3. A practise exclusively for the Hindu community.

Verity: Yoga is not a practise that follows or is based on a specific religion, culture or belief. It is an inclusive practise that binds all who have the willingness to practise it with at most involvement. The chanting involved in the practise are derived from Indian roots and not referring to any particular religion. Having a misconception of this kind is just depriving you from reaping its benefits.


4. Yoga provides only a “pinch” of the cardiovascular workout.

Verity: Ever heard of the different styles of yoga? Each style of yoga aims at providing varying intensity of endurance. Choosing the right style for oneself can definitely pull up the “pinch” to a “dollop”


5. Yoga is only for a particular physique and gender

Verity: No practise can be associated with a specific gender or physique of an individual. Physiological differences in individuals cannot cease the practise. Yoga doesn’t reverse you from being slender or stout nor limit you from achieving your milestones in practise due to your gender.


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