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We believe that yoga is for everyone. Yoga has no barriers. No colour, size, age or shape matters. Yoga is more than just a great workout, it is beyond asanas and pranayamas. Yoga is for the mind and spirit. We believe that yoga isn’t just for physical fitness but is a way of living life authentically, balancing all the elements, leading to harmony.

Whether you’re looking to learn yoga for the first time, or want to become a certified trainer, whether it’s a personal session you want, or a group session, Aikia Yogashala has exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our Approach

Our approach is similar to that of a tortoise’s life journey – The slow and steadiness of the tortoise, the minimal number of breaths it takes, it’s calmness and the long life it lives due to these factors.  

Our approach to yoga is also associated with the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga, the eightfold path  – yama (abstinences), niyama (observances), asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samadhi (absorption). Just as it is hard to think of a more stable being than a tortoise, that has been around for 250 million years, in spite of numerous environmental changes and extinctions; similarly ashtanga yoga brings about stability, and serves as the foundation and support for the deeper transformative practices of yoga.

In yoga, the tortoise symbolizes self reflection, introspection, and the “inward journey”, it represents stability and longevity and is said to be like a sage, because it can withdraw into its shell and meditate. Our approach is similar to that of a tortoise’s life journey – The slow and steadiness of the tortoise, the minimal number of breaths it takes, it’s calmness and the long life it lives due to these factors. 

Our Logo

Aikia Yogashala’s logo is the (कूर्म; tortoise). The tortoise represents precisely what we do. A Kūrma is said to start slow in the race and ultimately becomes the winner. Similarly, yoga is learnt and practiced at a slow and steady pace, which makes one strong in the end. The entire life cycle of a tortoise – the stability and longevity due to the minimal number of breaths it takes per minute, compared to all other organisms, its adaptability, stability, calmness are the inspiration behind our logo. Just as a tortoise is calm, patient and is wise and a very ancient animal, yoga too is the same.

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Here are some of the frequenty asked questions

With the emphasis on breathing practices and meditation, both of which help calm and center the mind, it is not surprising that yoga brings several mental benefits such as reduced anxiety and depression, reduced stress, increased calmness and pleasure. Yoga also helps the brain work better.

Yoga is a practice that unites the mind, body and spirit. All yoga styles can help balance your body, mind and spirit, keeping you calm and stress-free. In today’s world, working at a desk from 9-5 causes a lot of people to suffer from various physical and mental ailments. Yoga is the solution to all these problems. Yoga is not only for physical fitness but also provides mental wellness, ultimately leading to happiness, making life even more beautiful. We believe that everyone must practice yoga and reap its many benefits. 


Is yoga meant only for the young or can the elderly also do yoga asanas?


Yoga is for EVERYONE! Whether you’re young or old, you can practice yoga at any stage in life. Yoga refreshes your mind and spirit, tones your body, balances hormones, and keeps your body and mind strong. Yoga is also known to increase the life span with consistent practice. All the more reason for everyone to try yoga.

Active, intense styles of yoga can help you burn calories in more effective ways than other forms of exercises as it prevents weight gain. Yoga helps tone your muscles and improves metabolism. We have a session dedicated only for weight loss with specially designed yoga asanas and a diet that will help you not only lose weight, but also prevent regain of weight in the future.

Practicing yoga consistently and regularly can help ease the symptoms of PCOS, PCOD and other hormonal problems. It helps decrease testosterone levels, keeping all the hormones in check as well. Since yoga also helps reduce weight, and promotes relaxation, it is an effective and holistic approach toward better health.

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