Transform your body & mind with AIKIA Transformation program

12 day in Depth Program to transform you physically and mentally

Starting on

05 Jan 2023

Live Class

7 am - 8 am daily


English & Hindi


Online & Offline

What do you get in this class

12-day workshop to take you towards the innermost part of yourself through which you will ultimately find a constant state of inner peace

Tone your body

Stay fit, manage your weight, strengthen your back, neck, shoulders, knees – typical pain points

Take control of your body

Reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes, thyroid, PCOD and high BP

Take control of your mind

Learn to keep away from stress, anxiety, depression. Find the peace within, learn to stay happy always!

Improve your gross body

Strengthen your digestive, hormonal, nervous and other systems of the body, to improve energy levels

Strengthen on your subtle body

Learn mudras, asanas and bandhas that improve your pranic shakthi

Have full control on respiratory system

Exclusive session on Kriyas and Pranayama, to improve lung efficiency, stamina and immunity that is especially relevant given the prevailing mutations of Covid.

Surprise Gift for people who attend all 12 days

If you attend all the 12 sessions you will get a special unique gift. If you complete the first 7 days of the program there will be an amazing gift as well

Meditation sessions

Learn different techniques of Dharana (focusing the mind). Helps with emotional well being; remain focused beyond meditation sessions

Learn life lessons

Selected slokas from Bhagavad Gita, to inculcate a positive outlook for a stress free life

Deep understanding of Kosha

Understanding each layer of body that is physical level, mental level, emotional level, energy level and happiness level

Beginner to advanced level yoga

You will learn the easiest method to perform asanas even if you are a complete beginner or having knee or back injury

Deep Knowledge on Lifestyle & Yoga

Asanas are only a small part of yoga. There’s also abundant knowledge of life given in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras, which you will learn

Live question & answers

At the end of the each session we will solve all your queries

Benefits you will get after this 12-day transformation challenge

Weight Management

Feel relaxed & happy

Better stress management

High energy at work

Better sleep

Increased strength


Who can join this

Working professionals

People mostly work sitting at desk and have no time for physical fitness

Home makers

Women tirelessly taking care of the family but forgetting something meaningful to their own health

Senior Citizens

People having pain and aches can greatly benefited from this 15 day Satvic lifestyle challenge


Meditation and yoga increases mindfulness & concentration and helps in study

Spritual Seekers

You are spiritually inclined but do not know where to start? Well, this challenge will help build a solid spiritual foundation.

People want to reverse lifestyle diseases

In this 15 days challenge you will learn how to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOD, thyroid, high BP naturally just by eating right & changing lifestyle

Know your mentor

Namita Sudarshan is a fitness, yoga & lifestyle coach with 7 years of experience. She has designed more than 12 yoga & fitness programs.

Shilpa Prakash, every student’s favourite. Most experienced mentor

Surya, Experienced mentor and Yoga Practitioner


Trusted by fitness enthusiasts 

Rated 4.9 Star in Google

Still have questions ?

Question: Can beginners join this class ?

Answer: Yes absolutely! Even if you are complete beginner and had never tried yoga and Satvic lifestyle you can still join this workshop.

Question: How this webinar is FREE ?

Answer: This class is 100% free. At AIKIA we want to make more people aware about the power of our ancient values like yoga and ayurveda. We intentionally decided that this program be FREE and open for all.

Question: What gift I will get after the class ?

Answer: Well it is a surprise. Rest assured the gift is very unique and useful.

Question: Do I get the recording of the class ?

Answer: The program is free. We are not charging money from you. What we expect is your undivided attention for 1 hour. If you really want to transform to your best version you should join the class live for 12 days.

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People from outside Bangalore can join the class online

People from Bangalore can come to AIKIA studio for offline class

Starts 05 Jan, 2023 at 7 am